Weak signals

Weak signals

The world around us is full of Weak Signals. Clues to what the future holds and what we should do to prepare for it. The challenge is to separate Weak Signals from noise and especially refining them to meet your needs. It is also vital to see beyond your own market and field, because the best untapped opportunities can rarely be found in your own field – the truth is out there!

Futurecode Detecting System and our Global Sensor Team are the solution to recognizing Weak Signals and to developing them into your competitive advantage. We monitor signals constantly and report them to our clients twice a year.

Our clients can pick the most promising and most interesting weak signals as basis for further development, where we can use our Innostorm process. In the end we will discover opportunities to create completely new and unforeseen services and products – before your competitors.

The latest weak signals:

  • Bag, Borrow or Steal
  • Manspace
  • Childrens’ Paradise
  • Yak! – terrible candies
  • Videogames on screen
  • RFID & personalized advertising
  • Rainbow Vision
  • Weehouse
  • Farewell to consolidators
  • Pasha Lounge
  • Lush
  • Slow shopping
  • Wheelshops
  • Aperitivo
  • Vuru
  • Think tank
  • Travel Café
  • Premium size
  • Happiness from owning?
  • Oh my god! Great news!
  • What’s the point?