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Urho Kekkosenkatu 4-6 E
00100 Helsinki

Pia Solatie :: Partner

puh. +358 40 551 8053

Pia Solatie

The world is ready for new success stories. Pia has a gut feeling that we will see a few in the near future. The best way to be part of success is to create it yourself.

For Pia, change is the source of energy and inspiration, without which the world would be a much duller place.

Being an enthusiastic shopper, it is no wonder that the retail trade is a passion for Pia even professionally. Also healthcare and other services with their challenges fascinate Pia.

Jim Solatie :: Partner

puh. +358 40 544 7077

Jim Solatie

Jim knows even the strangest corners of the world as well as his own pocket, but – maybe because of that – he has firm belief in Finnish know-how.

Jim’s work experience in product development and consumer research spans 20 years. His expertise is best in the grocery retail field, finance sector, telecommunication and b-to-b world.

Jim is one of Finland’s most popular presenters in marketing research and a top consultant in creativity. He has authored books on consumer research, and works as the Finnish representative at Esomar, the European Society for Market and Opinion Research.